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Being a doula has two sides: being both Doula and an Entrepreneur– at the same time. Often, it’s the business side of becoming a doula that we struggle with!

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Going from Doula to a Doula Business

“Doulapreneur” is a combination of the words “Doula” and “Entrepreneur”.

I created this online community for doulas to inspire them and to provide support. Doulapreneur is here to guide you with the business aspects of becoming a doula.

Most of us started out because we were inspired–to help and support women and families and to give babies their best start in the world (not necessarily because we were inspired by business!)

But, as a doula, I wanted to serve the greatest number of women and families.

Through (a lot!) of trial and error, I found it was a good idea and investment of my time to put a business structure in place. At the time, I was the owner of MamaDoula, a post-partum doula service in Vermont. During my four years running  MamaDoula, I learned not only how to run my own doula business, but also how much I needed to learn about business!

Over about a period of a year, I developed a comprehensive group of forms that I now call the “Doulapreneur Starter Kit”. It contains:

  • Client Welcome Letter
  • Client Intake Form
  • Business Contract
  • Sample Price List
  • Doula Evaluation Form

This DOULAPRENEUR STARTER KIT was built on my own experience. I created it through consultation with an attorney, a business coach, and other birth professionals. And, I want you to have it as your own Doula Starter Kit.

I know how overwhelming running a doula business can be, especially at first.

I am excited to say that Doulapreneur is here to make sure you’re covered in the business side of things.

(Note: My Doulapreneur Starter Kit Forms are geared towards Post-partum doulas, but they can be easily adopted for Labor doulas.)

Just hop on our email list below to receive your Doula Starter Kit. It’s that simple! When you join, I can invite you to become part of the Facebook Doulapreneur Online Community. You can find inspiration and support from other birth professionals here.

Thanks for stopping by Doulapreneur–and please drop me a line at and let me know how you use the forms.



Enjoy and In Wellness,
Lisa Hardy, RN, MSN. CNM