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Integrative Doula Consultation


Consultation for Doulas: Are you a practicing doula who wants to improve your practice and would like to reach more families? I (Lisa) offer consultation for doulas and doula businesses. Please read my Consulting FAQ to know more about the different ways I can help you, or click the links below to see full descriptions.

Doula Career and Doula Business Start-Up: Do you need to jumpstart your doula career or doula business? Let us teach you the basics of becoming a doula and guide you on how to build and grow your doula business.

Integrative Doula Consultation: Learn how to strengthen your doula practice and your doula self. Know more about how to become a strong and effective birth advocation. We can also teach you how to interact with healthcare professionals.



Maternity CoachingMaternity coaching: Are you a pregnant woman bearing your first baby? Or are you looking for someone to guide you and help you go through your pregnancy? If you are looking for a maternal childcare expert who can provide you guidance throughout your nine months of pregnancy and beyond. We can help.

Pregnancy Coaching: Teach you important topics that you need to know about pregnancy. Guide you about things to expect when you are pregnant.

Pre-natal and post-natal care: Prepare you for labor by telling you your options, and provide you with the evidence-basis for the obstetric care you choose. Support your post-natal care up to 8 weeks after birth.

Consulting: Help you find a doula, a childbirth educator and/or lactation consultant. And assist you in finding a licensed and certified caregiver to deliver your baby. Send us an email today.